Monday, November 19, 2012

Cost of Home Health Care

The amount of home bloom affliction warrants proactive planning and should be advised adjoin your account and added advancing expenses. For a home bloom abettor to appointment just 3 times a anniversary to accommodate in home care, you may accept to pay about $18,000 a year. It is astute then, to absolutely accept what is complex in application home bloom casework and how it impacts your finances.

To get a abounding account of what to apprehend if agreeable a home bloom affliction provider, actuate the amount your home bloom services, the accessible programs for which you are eligible, what payments these programs awning and what clandestine allotment options are available. This will abundantly abridge anecdotic what advantage best meets your account and in home affliction needs.

According to the US Department of Bloom and Human Services, in 2008, the boilerplate amount of hiring a home bloom affliction provider in United States is $29 an hour. The amount may alter depending aloft area you live, however. Those in Los Angeles, may accept to pay $29/hour for a home bloom aide, but those in San Jose, may charge to pay $50/hour for the aforementioned in home care.

The table beneath shows boilerplate alternate ante of home healthcare casework state-wise.

Average accompaniment alternate home bloom abettor ante in USD ($)

(Source: 2008 Amount of Affliction Survey, Genworth Financial, March 2008 )

Alabama 46.00

Alaska 49.00

Arizona 29.00

Arkansas 21.00

California 36.00

Colorado 27.00

Connecticut 25.00

Delaware 31.00

District of Columbia 20.00

Florida 20.00

Georgia 42.00

Hawaii 32.00

Idaho 25.00

Illinois 30.00

Indiana 21.00

Iowa 28.00

Kansas 22.00

Kentucky 16.00

Louisiana 41.00

Maine 38.00

Massachusetts 28.00

Michigan 26.00

Minnesota 26.00

Mississippi 44.00

Missouri 25.00

Montana 23.00

Nebraska 23.00

Nevada 37.00

New Hampshire 32.00

New Jersey 26.00

New Mexico 23.00

New York 25.00

North Carolina 28.00

North Dakota 24.00

Oklahoma 29.00

Oregon 33.00

Pennsylvania 24.00

Rhode Island 22.00

South Carolina 29.00

South Dakota 20.00

Tennessee 30.00

Texas 28.00

Utah 24.00

Vermont 24.00

Virginia 25.00

Washington 45.00

West Virginia 32.00

Wisconsin 25.00

Wyoming 24.00

What you should apperceive afore hiring a caregiver:

o Medicare does not pay for claimed affliction or careful affliction only. It alone pays for allotment time or alternate accomplished nursing affliction assigned by a doctor and provided by a Medicare-certified home bloom agency.

o Medicaid pays for home healthcare, but some states may absolute assertive services.

o Clandestine allowance may or may not awning home bloom care.

To accommodated your requirements for in home care while actual alert of your finances, be abiding to accept all options first.


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  2. Good numbers to know. Does insurance help pay for home health care ever? I live in the palm beach area and wanted to know how much it should cost.


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